Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Convert WebApplication to Blackberry Playbook Application

Today I have study regarding to convert web application on blackberry playbook application using Blackberry webworks. In this point we study convert web application to zip and zip to .bar and install that bar file into blackberry playbook.

In First step create hello world web application using html as following code.

1. Create Folder helloworld, and create index.html file on it and save with following code.

My First Heading

My first paragraph.

2. Now Create config.xml file this file is configuration on you playbook application like application name, application icon, splash screen etc. paste following code on config.xml file.

  Sample Hello world web application convert to blackberry playbook
  Research In Motion

3. Now Create images folder on project for icon images. Add you application icon.
4. Create zip file you helloworld application, Note: please select all helloworld file then zip otherwise chance to convert error.

5. Convert zip file to .bar file and sign .bar file using following command.

bbwp "C:\" -gcsk mycskpassword -gp12 myp12password -buildId 10 -o "C:\myoutputdir"

A successful signing should produce results like the following.

[INFO] Parsing command line options
[INFO] Parsing
[INFO] Validating WebWorks archive
[INFO] Parsing config.xml
[INFO] Populating application source
[INFO] Compiling WebWorks application
[INFO] Packaging the bar file
[INFO] Bar packaging complete
[INFO] Starting signing tool
[INFO] Signing complete
[INFO] WebWorks application packaging complete

if you have not install signature key please you can find help following link:

Request new signature key:

Now you .bar file is ready to install Blackberry playbook device you can install at following command.

A. Turn on Development Mode on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
B. Obtain the IP address of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
C. At the command prompt, navigate to the bin folder of the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK for BlackBerry® Tablet OS installation folder. For example:

cd WebWorks SDK Install Dir\bbwp\blackberry-tablet-sdk\bin

D. At the command prompt, run the blackberry-deploy command.

blackberry-deploy -installApp -password playbook -device -package

Now you application install successfully on playbook device.

Output Look like this:


  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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  2. You have shared such great knowledge with us thanks for it. People like using blackberry if it has android os.

  3. Blackberry playbook also support Android application you can convert android application for playbook compatible.